Instructions will not work if you are on the schools network. 

In a web browser, login into Google with your work credentials

Following is for Windows.  

Click on the link below and then download the FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller_7.0.0.0029.exe file to your desktop.  Right click on the file and select Download.

Run the file when it's done downloading.   Check the box to accept the license agreement and Next, Next, and then Install.

Once the installer is done, you may need to restart the computer.

Open the FortiClient if it doesn’t start automatically.  Under Remote Access you’ll need to configure the VPN settings.  If need be click on the “gear” in the upper right corner and select Add new connection.

Configure the settings as below.  Connection name can be what you want it to be:  Work, FTCSC VPN, etc…
In the Gateway box you only need to enter 
Check the port box and enter 10443.  When you save, it will add the 10443 to then end of the address.

Click Save

On the Remote Access screen select your VPN connection name you just made.

  Enter your computer login and password, then click Connect.  You should now be connected to the VPN.


To remote into your work computer, press the Windows key and start typing 'remote desktop' and it should show in the selection. 

In the bottom left, press 'Show Options'

For computer:  Enter the IP address provided to you in the setup email.
Username will be a little different than normal.  You will need to put ftcsc\ before your normal computer username:  example   ftcsc\jrsmith
Password will be what you normally use to login.  You can have it save credentials if you want.  
Click on Save to make a shortcut on your desktop to save all the settings for faster access.

Mapped drives and programs will work as if you are in your office.
When done working, just press the X on the blue bar at the top of the screen to close the Remote connection.  DO NOT turn off your computer or you will not be able to get back in till someone turns it back on for you.


If you are not using a remote desktop connection to your work computer, mapped drives you normally use will not work.  Only applies if you are on a FTCSC issued laptop.  Home computers will not have the drives mapped.

To access your P, S, or T drive you will need to open a File Explorer window  and then enter the addresses below in the address bar:

At the login prompt, select more choices at the bottom and precede your username with ftcsc\ 


Staff folder - \\\staff\username    Replace username with your computer login name.

Private folder - \\\private

Shared folder - \\\shared


When done working, be sure to disconnect from the VPN.  You can right click the icon down by the clock and select Disconnect.


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