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Turning your Projector On/Off:

Each classroom has a remote. The blue power button on your remote controls the power.  A single push will power on the projector; you will hear a single beep and the blue light on the projector will begin flashing.  The image should appear within seconds and will increase in brightness as the lamp warms. The amount of time this takes varies based on how recently the projector was last used.


To power down the projector, press the blue power button on the remote twice. The first press will prompt for shutdown, the second will confirm.  The projector will beep twice, indicating it has shut down.


While the projectors can be turned on immediately after shutdown, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes to allow the lamp to properly cool. In an effort to maximize lamp life, please shut down the projector when it is not actively being used. A/V mute is fine for a couple of minutes, however it still utilizes the lamp to some degree, decreasing its life.

Duplicating vs. Extending your desktop:

We have set the projectors to duplicate what is displayed on your desktop monitor. This is useful during active instruction. You also have the ability to extend the display to the projector, allowing it to display independently from your monitor. This is useful when watching a video or DVD. You can toggle this display setting by pressing a combination of the “” key and the P key. We commonly refer to this key combination as “+P”, or “windows p”. This will bring up a menu allowing you to choose the desired projection mode.

Projector Audio:

The method we used to connect the projectors allows your computer audio to output to the projector speaker. You can use a combination of changing the projector volume from the remote, and changing computer volume using the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop.