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  1. If you are authorized to print in color per your building administrator, and you have set your document to print in color through your web browser or program, you will see a pop-up window on your desktop asking to confirm that you wish to print the job in color.
  2. Clicking Yes will hold your job in a queue that can then be released at the release station designated for the color printer/copier in your building.


    In most cases, only one release station in each building releases to a color copier/printer; this is usually located in the front office area. That single release station is the only one that will show color print jobs. If you send a color print job to the queue, then go to the release station of a black and white copier, you will not see your print job.

  3. Click No will convert the job to grayscale and keep the job held in the queue for release at any release station in your building.