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To log into the phone:

Press the services button, bottom left of the 4 buttons on the right side around the question mark.

Select ‘Login/Logout’.  If it asks you if you want to logout, select yes to logout the current user.

UserID – This will be your 4 digit phone number

PIN: - Initial pin is 123456.  You should have to change it when you login the first time.  Pin can be any 6 digit number of your choosing.  If it doesn’t ask you to change it or 123456 doesn’t work, please put in a helpdesk ticket.

Once you successfully login, the phone will reset and your phone information will appear on the screen.  You can now receive and make calls as normal.

Once you are done with the phone, please logout by pressing the services button, and selecting yes to logout.  The phone will reset and go back to its default configuration.

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